Heavy Mental

2013, 99 min.

Happy Mental (2013)


Director Sebastian Buttny
Screenplay Sebastian Buttny
Cinematography Nicolas Villegas Hernandez
Music Cezary Kolodziej, Krzysztof Kaliski
Art Director Anna Wlodarczyk
Producers Konrad Wroblewski, Sebastian Buttny
Mariusz Grzegorz Stosz
Piotr Piotr Glowacki
Ina Izabele Nowakowska
Mother Joanna Szczepkowska
FAther Lech Lotocki
FAIRY Katarzyna Maciag
Heavy Mental tells the story of on unemployed actor, suffering from a mental block, who is being offered to play a tragicomic part in his own life. In return for a flat, hi is supposed to pick up some girl and then “transfer” her to his employer. An immoral proposition leads the characters into the depths of their own fear, which so far they have been hiding from themselves and the world.