Home Sweet Home

2019, 21 min.
Home Sweet Home (2019)


B3 Biennale of the Moving Image, Germany
B3 BEN Award Best Short Film


Director Agata Puszcz
Screenplay Michalina Fabijanska
Cinematography Cezary Stolecki
Art Director Aleksandra Muszynska
Producers Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuscinski,
Katarzyna Fukacz, Damian Słonina


Mother Aleksandra Pisula
Olaf Hubert Wiatrowski
Aleks Marcin Czarnik


Ten-year-old Olaf lives in a world where hiring family members and friends is common practice. For the right money, anyone can create the illusion of ideal happiness for themselves. When the Rent A Life company holds auditions at Olaf’s school, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment. He has every intention of taking part and being cast as a friend at a birthday party for a little girl from a rich family. It quickly turns out that the cost of taking part in the illusion is a high one.