Homo Father

2005, 56 min.

Homo Father (2005)



Polish Film Festival, Gdynia
Independents Film Competition:
Special Jury Award for Piotr Matwiejczyk and the Distinction for Bodo Kox


Director Piotr Matwiejczyk
Screenplay Piotr Matwiejczyk
Cinematography Jacek Chamot
Music Piotr Matwiejczyk
Producer Piotr Matwiejczyk
Gabriel Bodo Kox
Robert Dawid Antkowiak
Natalia Goria Korneluk
Mariola Daria Iwan
Amelia Amelia Matwiejczyk
Gabriel and Robert have been together for three years. Robert is hiding their relationship from the world. Gabriel wants the opposite: he would like everyone to find out how much he and Robert love each other. One day, Natalia, a girl with whom Gabriel had a one-night stand three years ago, pays them visit. She brings a little girl Amelia with her and leaves the child with Gabriel. Later, Natalia calls and tells Gabriel that Amelia is his daughter.