Horizontal 8

W poziomie, 2008, 90 min.
Horizontal 8 (2008)


Director Grzegorz Lipiec
Screenplay Grzegorz Lipiec
Cinematography Krzysztof Gawalkiewicz,
Piotr Materna
Music Maja Pietraszewska-Koper
Art Direction Lukasz Mikucki
Producer(s) Grzegorz Lipiec,
Ryszard Lipiec


Policeman’s Wife Ewa Golebiowswka
Policeman Tomasz Burka
Director’s Wife Ewa Pajak
Mustafa Marek Probosz
Director of the Orphans Home Jerzy Kaczmarski


Poland in the near future. A man wakes up with amnesia in hotel room number 224. He’s got a pile of money and a gun. He throws a rainfall of money from the terrace onto the crowded promenade. One 100-euro note floats to consecutive owners, changing their lives. All this takes place in a small town seized with panic and fear of a terrorist bomb attack. Director’s statement: “I don’t have the experience or talent for artistic, ambitious cinema with a mission to change the world. That’s for genuine artists. I, brought up under communism on Star Wars, and then on MTV, want to provide good entertainment with the help of moving pictures. I hope you will be at least a little satisfied. If not, your only consolation may be the fact that the film was not made with your taxpayer money”.