I Didn’t Want to Hear This Question

Tego pytania usłyszeć nie chciałam, 2004, 25 min.

I Didn't Want to Hear This Question


Director Mariusz Moscicki
Screenplay Mariusz Moscicki, Malgorzata Marchlewska
Cinematography Piotr Zukowski, Mariusz Moscicki
Music Piotr Korzeniowski, Danny K
Producer Mariusz Moscicki
Katarzyna Katarzyna Borys
Katarzyana’s Sister Anna Kutkowska
Priest Radoslaw Pazura
Lady Clerc Beata Tyszkiewicz
Katarzyna volunteers in a parish library. She is a witness to the altar boys’ stealing the money. They are caught by the girl while taking the funds from a Sunday collection. Katarzyna is doing not so well. She is young and smart. She earns money to make a living in a different way. Soon she exposes another person involved in a criminal activity. Action turned out unexpected.