In Absolute Silence

W absolutnej ciszy, 2017, 65 min.

In Absolute Silence (2017)


Ann Arbor Polish Film Festival
Best Documentary


Director Lukasz Srodka
Screenplay Lukasz Srodka
Cinematography Lukasz Srodka
Music Lukasz Srodka, Michal Szablowski
Art Director Patrycja Kisiel
Producers Lukasz Srodka, Valeria Cocco
Konrad Jarodzki
1971. “Ziemia Zgorzelecka” national art symposium. Wroclaw artist Konrad Jarodzki grabs afew reels of cotton tape and heads for the nearby lignite strip mine. There he stretches a few kilometers of white material, in a wild attempt to harness, so to speak, the space surrounding him. To this day the contrast between shabby-looking tape cutting through the air and the dominating, intimidating landscape presented on photos from that event is still striking. A fascinating manifestation of the frailty of actions of an individual clashing with nature and culture, but also a testament to the indomitableness of human aspirations in giving meaning to surrounding reality. A symbol of Konrad Jarodzki’s life and work, and perhaps man in general.