In This Gray Place

2018, 93 min.

In This Gray Place (2018)


Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Best Actor for Aleksander Ristic; Best Director

iHOLLY International Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature Film

Playhouse Film Festival
Best Actor for Aleksander Ristic; Best Director


Director R.D. Womack II
Screenplay R.D. Womack II
Cinematography Naeem Seirafi
Music Miro Kepinski
Art Director Prarthana Joshi
Producers Radhika Womack, Tracy Keshek,
Babak Mosavi
Aaron Foster Aleksander Ristic
Elijah Whelan Marcus Johns
Laura Whelan Angela Nordeng
LT. Arnold Koch Phil Lamarr
Sam Steilmann Nick Moss

Aleksander Ristic gives a commanding performance in this meditative drama about love and consequences. Aaron is a petty criminal from the wrong side of the tracks. Wounded, out of breath, and hefting a sack of jewels he breaks into a rest stop bathroom and barricades himself in. It soon becomes clear he’s been part of a robbery gone wrong. Surrounded by police he quickly finds himself backed into a corner, with only a dying cell phone to call for help. Dodging his girlfriend’s prying questions Aaron and his accomplice must devise a plan to hide the jewels before it’s too late. With a rich supporting cast and striking visuals, In This Gray Place is a beautiful story of desperation clashing with destiny.