2019, 87 min.
Interior (2019)


Director Marek Lechki
Screenplay Marek Lechki
Cinematography Paweł Flis
Music Jan Sanejko
Art Director Joanna Hrisulidu
Producers Anna Kepińska, Maciej Kubicki – Telemark


Magda Magdalena Popławska
Maciej Piotr żurawski
Old Lady Helena Norowicz
Mother of The Girl Ilona Ostrowska
Mayor Lech Mackiewicz
Grześ Mateusz Grys
Stanisław Tomasz Sapryk
Hotel’s Director Ewa Skibińska


Magda and Maciek. Two thirty-year-olds looking for their place in the world. She, a self-confident woman, putting professional success above family. He, trapped in the clutches of capitalism, a fugitive who turns his life upside down. Two strangers, who seemingly differ in everything. They are, however, united by the place where they have to live. This is Poland – a country of great opportunities for some, a homeland of loss for others. One day their fate will cross and make nothing the same for them. Will Magda manage to change her life and save her family? Will Maciek find a place for herself in a world that wants to destroy it?