Jozio, Come Home

Józio, chodź do domu, 2016, 31 min.

Jozio, Come Home (2016)


Prowincjonalia. Ogolnopolski Festiwal Sztuki Filmowej, Wrzesnia
Best Short Documentary

Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland
Audience Award in European Competition


Director Marcin Chlopas
Screenplay Marcin Chlopas
Cinematography Maja Nowak, Milosz Mickiewicz
Music Mikolaj Trzaska
Producer Marcin Chlopas
Yoza Wilf

We hear the story of Jozio from Walbrzych. But he hasn’t been to the city since the 1950s, when he emigrated to Israel with his parents. He’s dreamt of visiting his childhood home for over 50 years. When he came to visit Berlin, we took him home. On the way to Walbrzych we listened to the stories he harbored in his soul: the story of a child of Holocaust survivors, many times rejected by others for incomprehensible reasons. The story of how society can punish “otherness.”