Julia Walking Home

Julia wraca do domu, 2002, 118 min.

Julia Walking Home (2002)


Director Agnieszka Holland
Screenplay Agnieszka Holland, Arlene Sarner, Roman Gren
Cinematography Jacek Petrycki
Music Antoni Gross-Lazarkiewicz
Art Direction Ewa Skoczowska, Marian Wihak
Producer(s) Iwona Ziolkowska, Karel Dirka, Paul Stephens


Julia Miranda Otto
Henry William Fichtner
Alexy Lothaire Bluteau
Bogusia Boguslawa Schubert
Mietek Jerzy Nowak
Dorota Maria Seweryn
Piotr Maciej Stuhr


Julia Walking Home captures the ties that bind a family and sensitively explores the sense of betrayal that threatens to tear it apart. When Julia and her twins, Nicholas and Nicole, come home early from a skiing holiday she opens the bedroom door and surprises her husband with another woman. Devastated by his infidelity, Julia rushes to sever their relationship. But a clean break proves impossible when, in the midst of this parental drama, Nicholas falls ill…

Julia’s father’s girlfriend tells her about a Russian faith healer – Alexis. Julia becomes adamant about taking Nicholas to Poland to visit him on one of his healing tours. As if directed by fate, Alexis spots Julia and Nicholas in the massive crowd and insists they be brought to the front of the line. Overnight Nicholas responds to Alexis’s healing. As they follow Alexis around Poland, Nicholas’s health continues to improve while Alexis and Julia gradually fall in love.