Kobro/Strzeminski: A Fantastic Tale

Kobro/Strzemiński. Opowieść fantastyczna, 2019, 49 min.

Kobro/Strzeminski: A Fantastic Tale (2019)


Krzysztof Komeda Film Festival
Grand Prix for Marcin Stanczyk


Director Borys Lankosz
Screenplay Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music Marcin Stanczyk
Art Directors Magdalena Dipont, Mateusz Swiderski
Producer Magdalena Lankosz
Katarzyna Kobro Agata Buzek
Wladyslaw Strzeminski Lukasz Simlat
Autorka (voice) Malgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik
Kobro/Strzeminski: A Fantastic Tale is a technical, formal, and narrative experiment, a blend of feature footage of actors in a brick-and-mortar studio with virtual scenography and animation, skating on the edge of video art and TV plays. The strategies it employs include impressions, reaching into the subconscious, and the contemporary filmmaker’s dialogue with the avant-garde of the first half of the 20th century. The titular protagonists exist in an oneiric “In-between,” where an underwater world of discussing art coexists with the courtroom where Kobro and Strzeminski battle for custody of their child. This space holds a reservoir filled with controvertible ideas from a contemporary exhibition along with the Osowiec Fortress defended by Strzeminski in World War One. It’s a place where you could meet Lenin, Fritz Haber, and an artist as well.