Last Day of Summer

2018, 14 min.

Last Day of Summer (2018)


Sguardi—European Independent Short Film Night, Cles, Italy
Best drama/social film

International Short Film in Rome, Italy
Afrodite Award for Best Short

Hollywood Young Artist Academy Awards
Best Performance in a short film for Jonah Paul


Director Aleksandra Czenczek
Screenplay Aleksandra Czenczek
Cinematography Magda Kowalczyk
Music Alexandra Hamilton-ayres
Producer Adriana Kulig
Grace Patricia Loveland
Joe Jonah Paull
When Joe arrives back from the beach with his mum and dad, they find an elderly woman sleeping in the back of their car. While Joe’s parents argue who gave the keys to the boy and what they’re going to do with the old lady, Joe and Grace lock themselves in the car and refuse to come out.