Letarg, 2016, 13 min.

Lethargy (2016)


Director   Sylwia Rosak
Screenplay   Sylwia Rosak
Cinematography   Grzegorz Myjkowski
Music   Michal Sarapata
Art Direction   Olga Przylipiak
Producer   Marcin Malisz


Marcel   Kosma Szyman
Iga   Aniela Loniewska

Lethargy is a road movie. A trip, which becomes the most important journey of the life of Marcel, the main character. There is also a small girl – Iga, whom Marcel decides to take home. This seemingly simple story takes an unexpected turn because when the goal appears to be close nothing looks like it used to. Who is who? Children’s questions can lead one to fury, but on the other hand, they can also show us things hidden deep inside.