Letters from Russia

Listy z Rosji, 2017, 89 min.

Letters from Russia (2017)


Director Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski
Author Astolphe de Custine
Polish translation Beata Geppert
Adaptation Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski
Cinematography Wojciech Sulezycki
Music Piotr Labonarski
Art Direction Aneta Suskiewicz, Agata Przybyla
Producer(s) Hanna Winnik, Urszula Kukla
Astolphe de Custine Piotr Adamczyk
Prince K Jerzy Schejbal
Tsar Adam Ferency
Tsarina Halina Labonarska
French Friend Andrzej Mastelarz
Russian Friend Grzegorz Malecki
Princess Trubecka Olga Sarzynska
Baroness X Anna Grycewicz
Baroness Y Ewa Telega
Feldjäger Mariusz Drezek
Astolphe de Custine (1790 – 1857) was a French writer and traveler, who in his work “Letters from Russia“, wrote about the reign of Nicholas I. Astolphe’s travel diary from the Russian Empire became a literary and political event for the Western capitals. De Custine met not only with the contemporaneous Russian elite, but also with the emperor himself. In addition, Astolphe also spoke to many ordinary inhabitants of the world’s greatest absolute monarchy, such as burghers, workers and even prison guards. The impact of these experiences was astounding. The adaptation of this peculiar reportage by Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski reflects in an extremely artistically way, the social and psychological climate of the reality that the French traveler experienced during his travel to Russia.