Life Is Bearable. At Times

Chwilami życie bywa znośne, 2009, 73 min.

Life Is Bearable. At Times (2009)


Director Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska
Screenplay Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska
Cinematography Witold Jablonowski
Producers Mariusz Nawrocki, Grazyna Polanska

Wisława Szymborska, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996, intensely dislikes interviews and public appearances. She avoids the limelight, keeps a small circle of real friends and might be, as some say, a throwback to the 19th century. She chooses not to confide in others and does not understand people who put their private lives up for sale. Everything we need to know about her, she claims, she has already written in her poems. She is the mysterious Grande Dame of world poetry, adored by Woody Allen and Umberto Eco.

It was quite a challenge to make a film on a person who has a strong aversion towards the camera. We tried to show the beauty of her poetry and her lesser-known passions, together with her love for limericks and all kinds of funny rhymes.
After all, one cannot possibly be serious all the time. Contrary to her wishes, or following them, or both, we disclose the so-far unknown passions of this Nobel Prize Winner.