Life Must Go On

Żyć nie umierać, 2015, 85 min.

Life Must Go On (2015)


Director Maciej Migas
Screenplay Cezary Harasimowicz
Cinematography Radoslaw Ladczuk
Music Tomasz Wiracki
Art Director Jagna Janicka
Producers Maciej Szwarc, Marcin Ksobiech, Pawel Jadczak


Bartosz Kolano Tomasz Kot
Zuk Janusz Chabior
Ewka Marta Malinowska
Monika Paulina Galazka
Romek Ireneusz Czop
Waldek, Doctor Andrzej Konopka
Priest Adam Woronowicz

Bartek, a fifty-year-old “innocent wizard”, a former actor and former alcoholic. Now he entertains the audience on TV shows, always in the shadow of his famous colleagues. Our “innocent wizard” has already come to terms with defeat. However, one day God and oncologist waked him up: he has three months to live. Bartek wants to put his life in order. He does not want to leave the garbage behind. He tries to correct all his mistakes. Not much time left to rectify his life, but maybe he will go out with a bang…

Film inspired by and dedicated to Tadeusz Szymkow.