Little Jakub

Mały Jakub, 2016, 78 min.

Little Jakub (2016)


Director   Mariusz Bielinski
Screenplay   Mariusz Bielinski
Cinematography   Arek Tomiak
Music   Tomasz Luc
Art Direction   Andrzej Halinski
Producer   Wlodzimierz Niderhaus


Old Jakub   Miroslaw Baka
Young Jakub   Jan Saczek
Jakub’s Father   Eryk Lubos
Jakub’s Grandmother   Dorota Kolak
Jakub’s Grandfather   Henryk Talar
Orphan House’s Manager   Radoslaw Pazura

The movie is a simple story about reconciliation. At the age of nine or ten, a breakthrough occurs. A small person crosses a barrier, begins to perceive the world differently, changes his attitude towards events. Deeper feelings surface, new emotions. How to cope with them, tame them, process them?

What is better, what attitude to life is more appropriate? One based on lying to oneself, immersing in our own, imagined world? Or perhaps a realistic one, more brutal, but one that is well-grounded? But is it worth it?