Live to Remain

2018, 8 min.

Live To Remain (2018)


Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival Bern
Audience Award


Director Bartek Sozanski
Screenplay Bartek Sozanski
Cinematography Suparawee Victor Patravanich
Production Designer Haruka Ogawa
Producer Mariana Torii
Vicky Phoebe Sharman
Gosia Katharina Naumow
In post-Brexit UK, a young woman making ends meet as a waitress gets cut from her job for cheaper labor. Against the backdrop of the bubbling rage of the immigration question we see the young woman set out for revenge to put her mind at rest. As she tools up, she finds herself going through the fleeting moments of fury, resentment, solace, and forgiveness. A story about expectations, presumptions, and the kindness reality can have.