Love and Dance

Kochaj i tańcz, 2009, 118 min.

Love and Dance (2009)


Director Bruce Parramore
Screenplay Maciej Kowalewski
Cinematography Bartosz Prokopowicz
Music Lukasz Targosz
Art Director Katarzyna Boczek
Choreography Jaroslaw Staniek
Producers Aneta Cebula-hickinbotham, Izabela Lopuch, Dariiusz Gasiorowski


Hania Izabella Miko
Wojtek Mateusz Damiecki
Tomek, Wojtek’s Brother Mariusz Slupinski
Remigiusz , Slawek’s Friend Rafal Krolikowski
Basia, Hania’s Mother Katarzyna Figura
Jan Kettler, Hania’s Father Jacek Koman
Krzysztof, Wojtek’s Father Krzysztof Globisz
Slawek, Hania’s Fiance Wojciech Mecwaldowski
Remigiusz’s Assistant Roma Gasiorowska


Set in contemporary Warsaw, Love and Dance is a timeless movie inspired by the universal themes of life: love, friendship and forgiveness.

Hania is a rookie journalist whose routine existence is about to be turned upside down. Her first day’s work takes her behind the scenes into the world of rhythm and dance with a brief to capture the magic of dance and the International Dance Show. Before this turmoil can engulf her she is enchanted by Wojtek a passionate street dancing rebel dreaming of Broadway and a life of dance. Her shy character transformed by long-hidden feelings that surface under his spell she will begin to question her whole existence…can she drag herself away from her routine existence and can Wojtek help her to fulfill her dreams.

Love and Dance is a movie about following your heart, sometimes against all logic, in the search for true happiness.