Lukasiewicz: A Romantic Oilman

Łukasiewicz nafciarz romantyk, 2019, 60 min.

Lukasiewicz: A Romantic Oilman (2019)


Director Maciej Wojcik
Screenplay Maciej Wojcik
Cinematography Mariusz Konopka
Music Kamil Rohm
Producer Bogdan Miszczak
Ignacy Lukasiewicz Mariusz Banaszewski
Honorata, Lukasiewicz’s Wife Dagny Cipora
Karol Klobassa-Zrencki Artur Dziurman
Tytus Trzecinski Lukasz Konopka
John D. Rockefeller Peter J. Lucas
Jan Szczesny Morawski Mateusz Mikos

Lukasiewicz: A Romantic Oilman is a fifth of a series of documentary films entitled Historical Landscape of Podkarpacie Region.

It’s a docudrama about the life of Ignacy Lukasiewicz and his inventive, social and industrial activity. He is a timeless hero, an insurgent, but first of all, the creator of oil industry in the former Galicia region. Due to the genius of Lukasiewicz and a new oil refining technology our civilization made an enormous progress. The film proves, although it is sometimes questioned, that Bobrka is the birthplace of the world oil industry. Bobrka in Podkarpacie, with its equipment and oil wells still works today.