Miracle Seller

Handlarz cudów, 2009, 104 min.

Miracle Seller (2009)


Bergamo Film Meeting
First Prize

Gdynia Polish Film Festival
Best Costume Award for Anna Englert


Directors Boleslaw Pawica, Jaroslaw Szoda
Screenplay Mitko Panov
Cinematography Jaroslaw Szoda
Music Adam Norden, Iris Kjaernested
Art Director Joanna Kaczynska
Producers Boleslaw Pawica, Jaroslaw Szoda


Stefan Borys Szyc
Urika Sonia Mietielica
Hasim Ramon Golczuk
Dr. Jaworska Joanna Szczepkowska
Zbyszek Mariusz Benoit
Czarny Piotr Borowski

A story of friendship between siblings involving Urika and Hasim, teenage refugees from the Caucasus, and Stefan, a former alcoholic who lives in a small town in Eastern Poland. Coincidentally they both travel together from Poland’s eastern border to France. The children are hoping to find their father, who lives in Paris, and has gone on a thanksgiving pilgrimage to Lourdes.