2013, 10 min. and 22 sec.

Moonshine (2013)

Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Best Animation


Director Michal Poniedzielski
Screenplay Michal Poniedzielski
Cinematography Remigiusz Wojaczek
Animation Jacek Mazur, Michal Poniedzielski
Piotr Miczarek
Music Tom Waits, Mr. Tommy Zee
Producer Karolina Mroz
Monika Pawlowska
Dark, yet spiced with black humor love story told form the edge of reality and nightmare. Main character, rejected by cold and demonic woman of his dreams embarks on a surreal and oneiric journey towards his fate, following a mysterious crescent moon. The world of Moonshine is created from the mixture of three techniques – flat animation, 3D and live acting. On a backdrop of black and white photography the characters – actors as well asanimated creatures – live through their nightmare accompanied by equally murky Tom Waits’ song “Way Down in The Hole”.