My Flesh My Blood

Moja krew, 2009, 90 min.

My Flesh My Blood (2009)


Cyprus International Film Festival
Golden Aphrodite for Best Feature Film and CIFF Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Eryk Lubos


Director Marcin Wrona
Screenplay Marcin Wrona, Grazyna Trela, Marek Pruchniewski
Cinematography Pawel Flis
Music Marcin Macuk
Art Director Anna Wunderlich
Producers Lukasz Dzieciol, Piotr Dzieciol


Igor Eryk Lubos
Yen Ha Luu De Ly
Olo Wojciech Zielinski
Doctor Krzysztof Kolberger
USG Doctor Malgorzata Zajaczkowska
Nurse Roma Gasiorowska

Igor is a professional boxer whose world comes to a halt when he learns that his brain has been severely damaged from his many years of fighting. Refusing to undergo surgery, he knows that his days are numbered. Not having much left, his last desire is to leave a child behind as his legacy. A young Vietnamese immigrant, Yen Ha, agrees to have his baby in return for Polish citizenship. Despite the nature of their agreement, they slowly fall in love, but then Igor’s health deteriorates…