Normal Guys

Normalni kolesie, 2019, 54 min. 28 sec.
Normal Guys (2019)


Director Lukasz Kaminski


Piotr Czarniecki (himself)
Adam Hamerlik (himself)
Aleksander Hanusz (himself)
Iwona Kobryń (herself)
Maciej Kostyrka (himself)
Szymon Kuczyński (himself)
Szymon Ruban (himself)


Adam Hamerlik and Piotr Poprawski decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean. On a five-meter long, self-built yacht. Without any outside support. Without weather information. Without contact with the land. It probably wouldn’t be surprising if they were sailors or shipwrighters. But the idea of sailing over 3 thousand nautical miles was born in the heads of middle-aged corporate workers from Warsaw…
The film tells the story of two sailors-amateurs’, who sick of routine and driven by their love of water – decided to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Its an almost hour-long, told from different perspectives, a story of Adam and Piotr’s preparations for the “Setką przez Atlantyk” (Across the Atlantic) regatta, which took place at the end of 2016. The story of everyday Warsaw struggles, beautiful selfless help and trauma, that changed the expedition forever.