Nose Bleed

Krew z nosa, 2004, 90 min.

Nose Bleed (2004)


Director Dominik Matwiejczyk
Screenplay Dominik Matwiejczyk
Cinematography Dominik Matwiejczyk
Music Radek Fijotek, Andrzej Koper, Adam Fijotek
Producer Dominik Matwiejczyk
Pablo Bodo Kox
Agnieszka Patrycja HefczyŃska
Sieja Radek Fijotek
Mario Dawid Antkowiak
Sauron Rzeznik Robert Gonera
Skin 1 Bogdan Tymoszyk
Skin 2 Piotr Matwiejczyk
Skin 3 Lukasz Lipinski
Pablo lives in a typical neighborhood in Wroclaw. His life is mostly pointless hanging out with friends Sieja and Mario and fight with skinheads. After one of his fights, Pablo o suffered hand injuries and decides to change his life. Hip-hop is supposed to be a remedy for his misery. Agnieszka helps him to become musician.