On the Top Tyrryry

Na Górze Tyrryry, 2019, 60min.
On the Top Tyrryry (2019)


Director Renata Kijowska
Screenplay Renata Kijowska
Cinematography Lukasz Herod, Grzegorz Glupczyk
Music On The Top
Art Director Renata Kijowska
Producers Anna Kokoszka-Romer


Adam Kwiatkowski
Robert Wasiak
Krzysztof Nowicki
Wojciech Retz
Jacek Wiczynski
Agnieszka Nowicka
Renata Cebeniak
Igor Szweda
Anna Wasiak
Paulina Barczyk


On the Top Tyrryry is a surprisingly optimistic and humorous but also moving documentary about a “semi-normal” band.

No mercy! – Boys hate it. In their own words, “Na Górze” (“On the top“) is a “semi-normal” band because the public considers half of the line-up to be disabled. Two musicians live at a residential home. Their talents were discovered by one of the carers, who saw a runny-nosed Robert, several years old at the time, rhythmically hitting the table with spoons in the dining room. 25 years down the road, the carer is still a carer, but only at the residential home, because at the gig he is a buddy.

Adam, Robert and Kris do not give a monkey’s about their ailments; they are more concerned about ordinary problems: alcoholism, family problems or unemployment, although actually they do not really give a monkey’s about the problems either as they are going to the biggest gig in their career so far.

Will they be able to play? Will the performance change anything?