2005, 51 min.

Oskar (2005)


Award of His Excellency the Metropolitan Bishop of Gdansk
and of the Society of Polish Knights of Malta
at the Polish Film Festival Gdynia ‘05


Director Marek Piwowski
Screenplay Marek Piwowski (based on the book by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt)
Cinematography Jacek Blawut
Music Dam Galant
Art Director Andrzej Kowalczyk
Róża Agnieszka Mandat
Oskar Maciej Matulka
Niebieska Ola Czamecka
Doctor Alexsander Machalica
Oskar is ten when he meets Niebieska, who is seven years old. They immediately go to bed together, but are afraid to kiss each other in order “not to get pregnant.” They are terminally ill with cancer and are patients in the children’s ward at the hospital. Oskar and Niebieska have no idea how much time they have left. Róża, a hospital volunteer, is their matchmaker. She came out of nowhere and gives sick children hope. Like a prophet, she invents a religion and creates a vision of God for them. But Oskar does not trust God anymore. He has watched a lot of science fiction films where he saw one animal kill another to survive. The one that is hurt suffers before it dies. The God who invented suffering is hard to understand for Oskar.

Róża’s God gives children the promise to fulfill their every wish, on condition, that the wishes are only of the spiritual matter and the children can have only one wish a day. A miracle occurs: Oskar’s wishes start coming true…