Piksele, 2009, 100 min.

Pixels (2009)


Director Jacek Lusinski
Screenplay Jacek Lusinski
Cinematography Piotr Piesiak, Piotr Sliskowski, Jan Holoubek, Witold Plociennik, Piotr Piesiak
Music Pawel Lucewicz
Art Director Marte Boltowicz
Producers Piotr Miklaszewski, Wojciech Maryanski


Alicja Anna Cieslak
Monika Olga Boladz
Karen Maria Engele
Suicide’s Wife Zofia Merle
Translator Dorota Stalinska
Grandma Anastazja Maria Klejdysz
Policeman Adam Ferency
Gravedigger Andrzej Grabowski
Suicide Marian Opania

Pixels is a tragi-comedy made up of four stories, each featuring the same mobile phone. This phone plays a role in each of the main character’s lives. At times the sub-plots of the stories intertwine and on other occasions they go down completely separate paths. The film shows a modern society taken aback by reality; everyday life shown as an absurdly comic and yet dramatic show; sometimes suffused in metaphysics. This film exposes the transient nature of everything that surrounds modern man.