Place to Be

2019, 22 min.

Place to be



Orlando Film Festival, US
Best Foreign Language Shot Film (Nominee), Best Poster (Nominee)

Birmingham Film Festival, UK
Best International Film


Director Bartlomiej Skupien
Screenplay Bartlomiej Skupien
Cinematography Denys Horval
Music Pawel Czerwiński
Art Director Bartlomiej Skupien
Producer Bartlomiej Skupien


Emily Wiktoria Kulaszewska
Tim Bartlomiej Skupien
Kevin Piotr Malasiński
Liz Paulina Sobis
Waiter Stanislaw Miczyk
Old Guy Robert Ptak
Old Lady Gertruda Marek


A romance novelist hopes that a meeting at a country inn with friends will give her ideas for her next book, but the arrival of a seemingly perfect old couple instead leaves her with a mystery to solve.