Reverend Father Tischner and His Highlanders’ Philosophy

Jegomość Tischner i jego filozofia po góralsku, 2006, 69 min.

Reverend Father Tischner and His Highlanders’ Philosophy (2005)


Director Artur Wiecek
Screenplay Artur Wiecek,
Witold Beres (based on a book “History of the philosophy according to Highlanders” by Father Tischner)
Cinematography Piotr Trela
Music Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka
Producer(s) Witold Beres
Father Tischner Jerzy Trela
Platon Mariusz Benoit
Pitagoras Piotr Cyrwus
Protagoras Andrzej Franczyk
Sokrates Krzysztof Globisz
Heraklit from Efes Pawel Gedlek
Antystenes Marek Litewka


Excerpts from the series “History of the philosophy according to Highlanders by Father Tischner,” created by Witold Beres and Artur Wiecek “Baron,” are presented in highlanders’ dialogue. They make up a tale full of humor, freedom, and the joy of life. by arguing that the Greeks were not the original philosophers, Tischner concludes that it was not Plato or Aristotle, but instead Wladek Trebunia Tutka from Bialy Dunajec and Tadek Pudzisz from GronkĂłw. Wladek reflects that truth is beauty, and one should look for the true state. Tadek is the sensitive thinker who reflects on God and science to find the meaning of happiness. All of this is told with humor and set in the beautiful scenery of the Tatra Highlands. It’s worthwhile to note that the setting of the film at Tischner’s highlander shelter on Krokowka is where Tischner’s friends came together in June 2005. They are all heroes of the book. In the warmth and humor of the tales they mention their friend and spiritual guide.