Right Side of Cello

Wariacja na wiolonczelę solo, 2016, 37 min.

Right Side of Cello (2016)


Director Aleksandra Rek
Screenplay Aleksandra Rek
Cinematography Asta Julia Gudjondottir,
Kamil Frontczak
Music Dominik Polonski
Producers Iga Wojcik,
Adam Slesicki

A documentary love story, that doesn’t take place between a man and woman, but a cello player Dominik Plonski and his instrument. We are following the life of an exceptional musician, whose left hand was paralyzed. Dominik can’t play classical pieces but is very successful with contemporary and experimental music. He gives concerts with the biggest orchestras in Poland and abroad.  Because a typical love story is based on showing different shades of love, we also try to see how his emotions towards cello evolve: starting with fascination, trough longing, care, and even hate.