Shivering Trunks

Drżące trąby, 2010, 3 min. and 24 sec.

Shivering Trunks (2010)


Krakow International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima
Distinction of the Student Jury


Director Natalia Brozynska
Screenplay Natalia Brozynska
Cinematography Malin Nicander
Music Pawel Soltysiak



Pafnucy – furry butterfingers with a latex trunk – is dissatisfied with his face. He looks at the photos of Kalasanty with envy thinking that Kalasanty is a real role model, vibrant with health and cheerfulness. At the same time lonely Kalasanty experiences similar dilemmas… A simple story exploding with amazing sense of humor and full of wisdom, a story about the destructive power of negative emotions where the narration based on the director’s monologue.