Silence of the Polish Lambs

Milczenie polskich owiec, 2017, 35 min.

Silence of the Polish Lambs (2017)


Director Maciej Stuhr
Screenplay Maciej Stuhr
Cinematography Maciej Puczynski
Music Filip Kuncewicz
Art Director Pracownia Art-club
Producers Wojciech Malajkat, Marcin Perchuc,
Maciej Stuhr
Priest Arkadiusz Marcin Bubolka
Girl with a phone Zofia Domalik
Malwina Dominika Kryszczynska
Amelia Agata Rozycka
Bartender Eliza Rycembel
Bartek Dawid Sciupidro
Mariano Henryk Simon
Lucyna Hanna Skarga
Zygmunt Kamil Suszczyk
A cozy pub in one of Polish cities becomes a place where young people come to meet other young people, in a more or less accidental way. There are many differences among them, but they have one thing in common: all of them would love to find a thread of communication with a fellow man, even if only a thin one. Each of them does it their own way. The waitress is a silent witness to all those encounters, which are often quite amusing, but also sad and touching. She too has a way of handling the reality around her…