2004, 95 min.

Spam (2004)


Director Radoslaw Hendel
Screenplay Radoslaw Hendel
Cinematography Adam Bajerski
Music Bartlomiej Wozniak
Art Director Ireneusz Chojnacki
Producer Wojciech Rabiej
Albert Mariusz Ostrowski
Robert Michal Rolnicki
Monika Katarzyna Cynke
Hania Ewa Pajak
A young man in come is admitted to hospital. His case is peculiar to all the doctors, since the man – absolutely healthy from the medical point of view – is dying. Having regained consciousness from a few days’ come, the man shows the symptoms of amnesia and autism. Hania, a hospital attendant who looks after the man, notices a similarity to her son, who had died in a car crash a few years before. Hania takes the man home, where he gradually recovers. He starts working in a local shop run by Monika’s parents. Monika used to be Hania’s dead son’s girlfriend. At first everybody seems to like the man. However, after some time he turns to be a threat for some people…