Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story

Alex Herbst: na zawsze pilot, 2017, 95 min.

Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story (2017)


Director Slawomir Ciok
Screenplay Slawomir Ciok
Cinematography Slawomir Ciok, Greg Forrest (2nd unit)
Music Maciej Pawlowski, Bobby Cole (stock), John Porter Band (album), Frederic Chopin by Elizabeth Borowsky
Producer(s) Slawomir Ciok, Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski
Veteran pilot Witold Alexander Herbst
Pilot instructor Greg Pointon
Director FHC Adrian Hunt
Curator FHC Cory Graff
Friend Krzysztof Poraj Kuczweski

Witold Alexander Herbst fighter pilot of the famous 303 and 308 RAF squadrons during WWII, confronts his painful yet incredible journeys, in order to realize his bright, undiscovered future. He changes his Spitfire for a Dreamliner to see again the best places of his past: New York, London, Sydney. This feel-good trip combines tragic memories in the back of his mind, whereby emotions and unexpected turning points illustrate the life path of his generation, as such forgotten heroes and good people have lost everything, but not the faith in a better future for them and for the world.