Plum, 2016, 10 min.

Splash (2016)


Director   Mateusz Znaniecki
Screenplay   Mateusz Znaniecki
Cinematography   Kamil Malecki
Music   Pawel Szymkowiak
Art Direction   Barbara Kozaczkiweicz
Producers   Malgorzata Socha


Boy   Tomasz Taranta
Girl/Marmaid   Monika Kalenska
Lifeguard   Piotr Bulka
Friend   Aleksandra Palka

A story about growing up. There is a young man at the municipal swimming pool. He is waiting for the woman of his dreams with a  ring in his hands. Before she will come he sees another woman in the water. But it turns out that this is no ordinary woman but an apparition. She disrupts the quie waiting for his beloved.