Drzazgi, 2008, 100 min.

Splinters (2008)


Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Best Directorial Debut for Maciej Pieprzyca
Best Actor Debut Award for Karolina Piechota
Best Editing Award for Leszek Starzynski

Cairo Internationl Film Festival
Best Actress Prize for Karolina Piechota


Director Maciej Pieprzyca
Screenplay Maciej Pieprzyca,
Bartosz Kurowski
Cinematography Marek Traskowski
Music Grzegorz Daron
Art Direction Jerzy Talik
Producer(s) Michal Kwiecinski


Robert Antoni Pawlicki
Marta Karolina Piechota
Bartek Marcin Hycner
Sebastian Krzysztof Oglaza
Kartofel Michal Pieczatowski
Bobas Marcin Luczak
Dorota Agnieszka Judycka

A few days in the lives of young people like Bartek, Marta and Robert, who live in one of the Silesian cities. They differ from one another in all possible aspects – economic status, education, and aspirations. Their lives seem to be stable and predictable, but when their life paths cross  during one apparently ordinary weekend, each and every one of them will experience something that will change the way they think about themselves and their future.