Starting Point

Punkt wyjścia, 2014, 26 min.

Starting Point (2014)


Director Michal Szczesniak
Screenplay Katarzyna Bonda, Michal Szczesniak
Cinematography Przemys?aw Niczyporuk
Music Wioleta Szczesniak, Radoslaw Ochnio
Producer Ewa Jastrzebska

Aneta is serving a lengthy prison term for a crime she committed when she was young. Every day she leaves the prison to work in a nearby nursing home. Helena is one of the residents. Helena’s limbs are twisted with rheumatism and she is confined to a wheelchair and completely dependent on others. Gradually, we learn more about the drama behind Aneta’s incarceration: how a rebellious 19-year-old first lived a wild life before committing an impulsive deed with far-reaching consequences. Aneta’s sentence is almost complete, but she fears being released for she will have to face her family and her past. Her conversations with Helena, who bears her fate with astonishing strength, help Aneta realize that life still has a lot to offer her.