Stoker. Grandmother. Unicorn

Palacz. Babcia. Jednorożec, 2018, 40 min.

Stoker. Grandmother. Unicorn (2018)


Director Elena Leszczynska
Screenplay Elena Leszczynska
Cinematography Elena Leszczynska
Music Tomasz J. Opalka, Mila Verney
Producer Tomasz Leszczynski
Evgeniy Bgantsev
Lubov Novikova
Ludmila Bgantseva
Sergey Basov
Brest. Small town on the border between East and West. The history of the town is full of events that played a crucial role not only in the lives of its residents but in the live of a big part of Europe. Urban legends, memories of past generations, collected in a family album of Brest photographer Evgeniy Bgantsev (Stoker). The artist talks with great desire and passion about his hometown. Model Luba, who is not from Brest, not only poses during photo sessions but listens to Evgeniy’s stories about the history of the town in which she lives now. Stoker’s story is the story of an artist who has consciously chosen to live in a parallel reality but at the same time does not lose contact with the real world. Conscious internal emigration. Surreal everyday life. Black and white photography. Fatherland. Brest. Women. Unicorns.