Sztorm, 2012, 19 min.

Storm (2012)


Director Piotr Brozek
Screenplay Piotr Brozek
Cinematography Pawel Tybora
Music Marek Kuczynski
Art Director Martakoniczuk
Producer Leszek Kopec


Kaska Magdalena Różanska
Pawel Krzysztof Brzazgon
Mother Anna Romantowska

The marriage of Kaska and Pawel would be perfect if they finally moved out of Kaska’s mother’s flat. Paweł is a sailor, Kaska assists her mother at the florists’. The girl finds out she’s pregnant. Soon after she discovers the true colors of her husband. Their relationship is put to a difficult test. As the toxic mother-in-law witnesses the fight for love, she proves to be the source young couple’s conflict.