Strawberry Wine

Wino truskawkowe, 2007, 109 min.

Strawberry Wine


Director Dariusz Jablonski
Screenplay Andrzej Stasiuk,
Dariusz Jablonski
Cinematography Tomasz Michalowsk
Music Michal Lerenc
Art Direction Frantisek Liptak
Producer(s) Dariusz Jablonski,
Violetta Kaminska,
Izabela Wojcik


Andrzej Jizi Machacek
Lubica Zuzana Fialova
Parish-priest Zuzana Fialovae
Kosciejny Marian Dziedziel
Edek Cezary Kosinski
Janek Maciej Stuhr


This is not a love story though it is full of love. It is not a comedy though the characters often say funny things. It is not a detective story even though the hero is trying to solve a murder. It is not a nature drama though it shows the splendid colors and customs of the countryside. It is not a musical though Lubica expresses her longing in a passionate dance. Nor is it a film about ghosts though a ghost does ask the hero for a favor. A few draughts of Strawberry Wine are enough to take us into a magical world in the true center of Europe, where love, crime and penitence are just as much a part of life as the changing of the seasons, the migration of birds or the flowing of a mountain stream.