Surfer’s Time

Czas surferów, 2005, 82 min.

Surfer's Time (2005)


Director Jacek Gasiorowski
Screenplay Tomasz Wieleba, Jacek Gasiorowski
Cinematography Jaroslaw Szoda
Music Dominik “Doniu” Grabowski
Art Director Andrzej Kondratiuk
Producer Jaroslaw Szoda


Bonus Bartosz Obuchowicz
Koziol Michal Nowczyk
Dzoker Boguslaw Linda
Czarnecka Agnieszka Maciag
Czarnecki Grzegorz Warchol
Klama Zbigniew Zamachowski

The plan looks simple at first: to find and kidnap Czarnecki, a businessman, who fired Dzoker two years before. This is a good reason for Dzoker to crave revenge. He ahs been collecting information about his former boss and finally finds something on him: It seems Czarnecki has a debt with Klama, a dangerous gangster. Czarnecki is well aware htat his situation is serious so he decides to disappear. The only thing Dzoker has to do is to find Czarnecki, kidnap him, and scare him to death by introducing himself as Klama’s accomplice; next, collect the debt and run away. Then Czarnecki, convinced he has already paid his debt, will resurface and cruel Klama will take proper care of him. There is only one problem: Dzoker cannot kidnap Carnecki himself because Czarnecki knows him! So as executors he chooses Fifi, Bonus and Koziol; his friends who have nothing better to do than having pointless conversations and watching gangster movies. But are they skilled enough to accomplish the task?