The Arrival

Przyjazd, 2017, 20 min.

The Arrival (2017)


Director Justyna Pelc
Screenplay Justyna Pelc
Cinematography Slawomir Witek
Music Marcin Cieslik
Art Direction Aleksandra Ciapka
Producer(s) Leszek Kopec,
Jerzy Rados
Mother Malgorzata Buczkowska
Zosia Sara Lugowska
Grandmother Dorota Lulka

Alicja comes back home to take her daughter Zosia to a family therapy retreat, part of Alicja’s rehab. Despite having agreed to the trip before, Zosia’s grandmother does not want to let her go. Alicja stays home for the weekend in an attempt to restore the closeness with her daughter. However, Zosia does not feel ready to let go of the pain that Alicja had caused her.