The Ballerina and the Rocking Horse

2012, 19 min.

The Ballerina and the Rocking Horse (2012)


Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival
Best Narrative Short, Best Actress for Carrie Genzel


Director Micah Stuart
Screenplay Lowen Brandenburg & Micah Stuart
Cinematography Austin Nordell
Music Pawel Sek
Producer Micah Stuart
Emma Carrie Genzel
Patrick Brandon Crowder
Katherine Angela Mcewan
Government Official Stewart Skelton
George John Mcgee
Young Emma Kyra Levenson
XR5 Specialist Shanda Lee Munson
Emma, a 13 year old girl suffers a severe head trauma, plunging her into a coma for nearly 30 years. She awakes in the year 2042 to find her parents have grown feeble and have left her in the hands of an unusual caretaker. As Emma learns to cope with her new life, unstoppable events unravel before her. She is forced to hasten her readiness as she prepares for a dangerous journey to come.