The Bartender

Barman, 2014, 12 min.

The Bartender (2014)


Director Piotr Budzowski
Screenplay Piotr Budzowski
Cinematography Bartosz Nalazek
Music Bogumil Misala
Art Director Natalia Mleczak
Producers Piotr Budzowski, Jan Macierewicz, Kuba Macierewicz (studio Dt Film)
Bartender Tomasz Tyndyk
Jacub Jan Wieczorkowski
A short film presenting an episode from the life of Jacob. A man who had lost everything and took the path of redemption through vengeance. Mortally wounded, Jacob finds himself in a no way out situation and goes to a man who he had heard much about but never met. On the streets, people fearfully refer to him as The Bartender. Jacob faces a choice; stay loyal to his moral code to the end and die, or accept the Bartenders offer and live.