The Big Animal

Duże zwierzę, 2000, 73 min.

The Big Animal (2000)


Director Jerzy Stuhr
Screenplay Krzysztof Kieslowski
(based on a story by Kazimierz Orlos)
Cinematography Pawel Edelman
Music Abel Korzeniowski
Zygmunt Sawicki Jerzy Stuhr
Marysia Sawicka Anna Dymna
Peaceful, idyllic town, where suddenly a camel appears. Generally respected bank employee, Mr. Sawicki, and his family take care of the animal immediately. They develope great affection for it, while the habitants of the town start their fight against the poor camel. Ostracism grows up to the moment when the City Board calls for Sawicki to confess his strange love to the camel. One night the camel disappears and they become one of the towns habitants again, but they continue going to Warsaw, just to see the camel, to be with the animal for one special moment.