The Brand New Pole

Polska nowela filmowa, 2009, 30 min.

The Brand New Pole (2009)


Director Dorota Lamparska
Screenplay Dorota Lamparska
Cinematography Dominik Danilczyk
Music Krzysztof Aleksander Janczak
Art Director Zuzanna Sadowa
Producer Ewa Jastrzebska


Joanna Paulina Chapko
Anna Karolina Chapko
Jesus/Janusz Macius Prusik
Mom Katarzyna Gniewkowska
Dad Tomasz Sapryk
Grandma Krystyna Tkacz
Grandpa Jerzy Lapinski

A long awaited son is born into a middle-aged married couple. Overwhelmed with the miracle, the parents want to give their child a special name. They choose a controversial name, which brings up religious associations. It is in such a family and under such conditions that adolescent twin sisters are exploring with curiosity their emerging femininity.