The Call of the Toad

Wróżby kumaka, 2005, 99 min.

The Call of the Toad (2005)


Director Robert Glinski
Screenplay Pawel Huelle, Cezary Harasimowicz, Klaus Richter (based on a novel by Günter Grass)
Cinematography Jacek Petrycki
Music Richard G. Mitchell
Art Director Robert Czesak, Jochen Schumacher
Producer Henryk Romanowski, Regina Zieglar


Aleksandra Piatkowska Krystyna Janda
Alexander Reschke Matthias Habich
Erna Dorothea Walda
Vielbrand Udo Samel
Marczyk Marek Kondrat
Wrobel Krzysztof Globisz
Bieronski Zbigniew Zamachowski

He – Aleksander, the German born in Gdansk, lives in Germany, she – Aleksandra, the Polk born in Vilnius, lives in Gdansk. He left Gdansk in 1945, she left Vilnius also in 1945. They did not simply go away, they were exiled. They met in Gdansk in 1989, when Aleksander comes back to Poland after more than fourty years. Aleksander was in Hitlerjugend as a teenager, Aleksandra was an active member of ZMP – The Polish Youth Association. Flirting and arguing, they fall in love with each other. Both of them would like to contribute to reconciliation of the two nations, Polish and German. They begin the Polish-German Cemetery Society in order to give to the dead the right symbolically to come back to their homelands.