The Children of Leningradsky

Dzieci z Lenigradzkiego, 2004, 60 min.

The Children of Lenigradsky (2004)

Ukrainian Context – Human Rights Documentary Film Days, Kyiv
Grand Prix

Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Budapest
Award of the TV Duna

Academy Awards – Nomination for Best Documentary, Short Subject

Cinemanila International Film Festival
Best Documentary

International Documentary Association
Best Short Documentary


Director Hanna Polak, Andrzej Celinski
Cinematography Hanna Polak, Andrzej Celinski, Hans J. Burkard
Music Jeanne Bichevskaya ‘i Had A Dream’, Bulat Okudzhava ‘the Song Of A Homeless Boy’
Producer Hanna Polak, Andrzej Celinski
Through the halls of a Leningradsky, Moscow , railway station, children play every day. On the platform, young ones are seen sleeping and joking with one another. These high-spirited children spend their days and nights in the station begging for money and food. As time goes on, their desperate need to survive turns them into violent criminals, defending themselves from older children who steal from them and pedophiles who take advantage of them.

The Children of Lenigradsky explores the plight of thousands of homeless children who live in Moscow ’s train stations. Sleeping in stairways, garbage containers and underground tunnels, they panhandle or prostitute themselves for money, and sniff glue to curb hunger and escape from the violent world around them.