The Corrupted

Skorumpowani, 2008, 115 min.

The Corrupted (2008)


Director Jaroslaw Zamojda
Screenplay Jacek Samojlowicz,
Krzysztof Weglarz
Cinematography Waldemar Szmidt
Music Piotr Salaber
Art Direction Andrzej Rafal Waltenberger
Producer(s) Jacek Samojlowicz,
Jaroslaw Sander
Montenegro Olivier Gruner
Siergiej Max Ryan
Cygaror Jerzy Trela
Witold Burzynski Jan Englert
Patrycja Burzynska Olga Boladz
Apostol Krzysztof Wakulinski
Pasza Wenanty Nosul
Maksymilian Artur Lodyga

The Corrupted is an action movie with elements of martial arts. The Russian mafia loses their merchandise of cocaine during trafficking operations between the Balkans and England. They lose cocaine to the Polish officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation during one of their operations. Montenegro (Olivier Gruner), a boss of the Russian mafia in London, together with his partner from the Balkans, Sergey (Max Ryan), are to recover the lost merchandise with a help of corrupt Polish politicians, Police and the local Polish mafia. The movie gets to a breathtaking pace when the Russian gangsters accidentally cause the death of a son of a powerful Polish businessman, Burzynski (Jan Englert). Burzynski, who is a patron of a martial arts club, asks for help from Max (Artur Lodyga), a police detective and two karate world champion kids, Janek and Pawel, who go after the gangsters. They are joined by Patrycja (Olga Boladz), the businessman’s young daughter. She joins the mafia undercover in an effort to find her brother’s murderers. The Russian mafia’s response is to kidnap Burzynski’s wife, his daughter and Max. Now, it is down to Janek and Pawel to save the day…